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Donuts apps APK

Donuts Operations Speed Traps

SPOT THE COPS GAMES ( IN REAL TIME )http://www.donutsoperations.comPlay The Real Life Game ( Spot

My Sweet Bakery Shop 1.0

•Run your own sweet bakery shop! Use professional tools to bake cupcakes, fry donuts, make milkshakes and decorate them as you like and serve to your customers! •How to open up a totally ne…

Rainbow Cake Bakery 1.0

Tah-Daaah! Welcome to the Rainbow Cake Bakery Shop! Here we can make various rainbow desserts together! Such as rainbow donuts, rainbow cupcake, and my favorite rainbow shortcake! Try to mix differe…

Donut Haze 1.2.0

Help the Happy and Delicious Donuts save their world from the polluting, evil Ovens. Use your

The Simpsons: Tapped Out 4.14.5

Rebuild Springfield after a nuclear disaster

My Sweet Bakery - Donut Shop 1.0.3

Welcome to Delicious Donuts - the sweetest Donut Shop on the app store! Run your own Donut shop!

Donut Maker 2 1.0.6

Love donuts? Crave these lovable sweet baked desserts all the time? If you have a sweet tooth when

Kung Fu Ninja 1.0.7

You are KungFu Monkey, and you have three delicious donuts. You are armed with a pair of nunchuku,

Hoodrip Skateboarding 1.0.0

Hoodrip is all about arcade-style skateboarding fun. Skate through interesting spots across the city and take part in entertaining and fast-paced contests to win real merchandise from leading lifest…

Viber Sweets 1.0.1

Mix bonbons and crumble cookies on the run! Show what you’re made of while solving deliciously challenging puzzles and helping your new friends Cara and Mel escape from an ugly, gluttonous witc…


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