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Donate apps APK

WhatsAppSniffer Donate ★ root 1.4

WhatsAppSniffer Donate ★ root

10x Donate 1.0

*This app does nothing* It is only to show love to the developer. Thanks very much and stay tuned for more stuff from me..

VIE Sponsored Donate 0.01

for demo purpose only

VIE Direct Donate 1.0

for demo purpose only

RaktKosh 1.0

We try to do who needs Blood , here we provide the platform to Accept and Donate the Blood with Simple and Easy Functionality and users Friendly

BloodFinder 1.1

This is a blood Finder App. In this we provide the donor name list with the location. Recipient can contact from the any donor for donate blood. Recent changes: 1. Fixing Bugs

mikudu blood donation 1.0.5

mikudu is an easy to use blood donation app focused on India. It can be used to donate blood, request blood and find blood banks in any district of India Recent changes: Improved registration flow

Provitared 1.0

Provitared is an app that helps you save time finding medicines quickly connecting you with does who wish to donate, exchange or report de location of medicines in Venezuelan Pharmacies.

Paperman - Doorstep Recycling 0.0.3

Paperman helps you to sell your recyclable trash like paper, plastic, glass, metal etc conveniently and responsibly. You get paid for recycling or you can choose to donate the proceeds to a charity o…

Fandry Foundation 1.9

An inspiration from the Marathi movie "Fandry" written directed by Nagraj Manjule Sir. Fandry was onboard from 25 th May 2014 through an appeal on various social media platforms to donate …


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